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Do you need to convert your MS Excel documents to PDF files or possibly you need to combine your Excel files into a single PDF document? PDF Creator is truly amazing software that will allow you to convert Excel to PDF, Word to PDF, Power Point to PDF, Text to PDF, HTML to PDF and so much more. If you can print the document, you can convert it to PDF using PDF Creator.

PDF Creator is very simple to use and automatically integrates itself into all of your programs providing you the ability to create PDF document in mere seconds. PDF Creator even allows you to combine multiple documents into a single PDF. You can even combine different file types into a single PDF document with PDF Creator. Need to email your PDF documents? No problem, PDF Creator can even email your PDF documents when they are generated. Just think of the time you will save when using PDF Creator to convert Excel to PDF documents.

MS Excel to PDF - Converting your MS Excel documents into PDF documents could not be easier. All you need to do is open your MS Excel document. Select File -> Print from the top menu and select the PDFCreator printer and click the print button. A new window will open prompting you to save your PDF document. You're done. It's that simple.

PDF Creator can convert more than Excel to PDF. With PDF Creator you can convert any document you can print. If you ever find yourself wondering if a document can be converted to PDF ask yourself this one question. Can I print this document to my printer? If the answer is yes, then you can use PDF Creator to convert the document to PDF. PDF Creator can do so much more such as merge multiple files, embed fonts, security options, email options, and on and on it goes. Click here to learn more.

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